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Trish Lynch

TV Presenter, Host and Facilitator

Trish Lynch is a charismatic and versatile woman with numerous years of experience of being a TV Presenter and Awards Host. With a sense of humour and the ability to improvise, the talented Trish is a great choice for your TV show, conference, corporate video or voice over.

Trish Lynch is the TV Presenter best known for her travel-shows reporting around the world as well as anchoring shows such as CNN’s Hotels of the World, Sky Travel, TV Travel Shop, Paradise Abroad, Colourful Cuba, Great Golf Courses of the World, Fishing Ireland, All Things Irish and Financial Focus. When it comes to holiday destinations, there is little that she doesn’t know on what is hot and what is not.  Trish has proven that she also has petrol in her veins after filming Motorcycle Live 2012.

Furthermore, Trish is the face of many in-house business and training channels: Bank of England, Bank of America, Abbey, Post Office, Nissan, Norwich Union, Accenture, London Underground, Sony and Selfridges.

Also in demand as a Conference facilitator and Awards Host, Trish is a regular for many companies around the world.  She is a quick leaner and can deliver scripts with such confidence that she has been asked by attendees at the conference to come and coach their teams.  Recent clients include Sony, Heineken, Fujitsu Siemens,  TNT, Ace Press Awards, Eurobest, Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, Omron, Apitito, Psion, Fleet Car, Electric Car Company, Polar and BNP. Trish is a natural improviser and can keep the show going even when things do not go according to plan. Trish infuses the right amount of humour and professionalism to ensure repeat bookings.

Additionally, Trish is an Irish Voice Over and has been described as “having a voice as smooth as a pint of Guinness.”  She is the voice of many TV and radio ad campaigns.

Trish is a great choice for your TV show, conference, corporate video or voice over.


    • Presenter
    • Host
    • Facilitator
    • Voice Over