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Tim Reid

Tim Reid

Comedy writer, innovation expert & speaker.

Tim Reid is a successful comedy writer and innovation consultant who uses his skills in both to inspire creative thinking and idea-generation for businesses.

Tim Reid is best known as the co-creator and writer of Peter Kay’s Car Share on BBC One, but as well as being a successful comedy writer he is also an innovation expert. Passionate about both his areas of expertise, Tim combines his skills in comedy and innovation to help businesses become as creative as comedians, to re-imagine the future and reinvent their businesses, sharing his insights on how to harness creative innovation.

Tim has spent over twenty years working with some of the world’s most creative organisations, including global ad agencies, innovation consultancies and the BBC. As both a successful innovation consultant and comedy writer, Tim is in a unique position to advise clients on how to apply trade secrets used by top creative professionals, comedians, and writers, and his unwillingness to be boxed in by a job title or discipline reflects his approach to creativity and his principles for inspiring creative thinking in others. As well as sharing these ‘trade secrets’ in his keynotes, Tim also coaches companies in innovation.

During the process of writing, developing, and filming a major sitcom for BBC One, Tim experienced first hand how many of the same tools and techniques of creativity and idea generation are used by both writers, comedians, and commercial innovators.

Tim is also a co-founder and one fifth of the team at We Do Things Differently, a cultural change practice staffed by people who are not only successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople but also highly successful independently, as artists, performers, and writers. WDTD helps organisations implement ideas about leadership, engagement, innovation, big-picture thinking, and communication.

Tim is a master at keeping audiences actively engaged and energised; whether it’s getting getting people physically on their feet and interacting with each other or getting them to use different parts of their brains through quick mental exercises, Tim keeps his audiences feeling alive, alert and full of energy.

    Keynote Topics:

    • The Funny Thing About Innovation – the secrets of successful innovators, writers and comedians
    • Unleashing your own creativity
    • How successful innovators, writers and comedians behave
    • How to turn your brain into an ideas machine – and how to stop it road-blocking fresh thinking
    • How to turn starter thoughts into big ideas
    • … plus much more


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