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Richard Scase

Richard Scase

Business strategist

Professor Richard Scase is one of the leading business strategists in the UK. With hands-on business experience as well as vast academic experience, he is in a uniquely qualified position to talk about global business trends, and he is able to captivate and inspire audiences at all levels.

Professor Richard Scase is a leading academic, entrepreneur and business forecaster as well as a keynote and conference speaker who strives to add value to businesses on every level.  With his hands-on experience in business through his entrepreneurial pursuits, he is able to speak and write authoritatively on the broadest global trends while leaving even the most specialised audience with relevant, useful and inspirational advice. In his talks he demonstrates how global trends will impact upon business sectors, corporate strategies and the future skill needs of employees.

As well as being an experienced businessman, he also holds enormous academic gravitas, his vast experience encompassing duties as Emeritus Professor of Organisational Change at the University of Kent and visiting Professorships at the University of London, Beijing University, Auckland in New Zealand, Monash University in Australia, Tilburg University in the Netherlands, and the University of Essex.

As a leader in the fields of business, creativity, leadership, strategy and management, his research interests range from organisational change and entrepreneurship to the impact of Internet technologies and the restructuring of work and employment worldwide.

Richard Scase’s experience in both academia and the world of business leaves him ideally placed to comment on the latest macroeconomic trends, and on how businesses and individuals should adapt to them.

As an entrepreneur, he has co-founded and sold two successful media businesses: a major radio station serving the south-east of England, and an online provider of learning materials for corporate management development programmes. For numerous years he has advised men and women on business startup and growth strategies, giving him an affinity with business audiences, reflected in the practical, useful advice he packs into each talk. Professor Scase combines ideas from his various areas of expertise to create ‘future scenarios’ for his audiences, incorporating how political, social and economic risk factors will shape the business environment in the future.

Richard Scase is a contributor of feature articles to newspapers, professional magazines and programmes on radio and television; he has written regular columns for Business Voice and the Observer newspaper, and has been commissioned to write policy-focussed official reports for government and other statutory bodies. He is also the author of over twenty four books, including ‘Britain in 2010: The Changing Business Landscape’ which influenced UK government policy as well as being critically acclaimed worldwide. He has written extensively on how to stimulate entrepreneurialism in large organisations, manage creativity, motivate and lead, and leverage corporate intelligence. Most recently, in ‘Global Remix: The Fight for Competitive Advantage,’ he explores the impact of global trends – technological, economic, demographic, cultural, political, and social – on both businesses and individuals, and his most recent book presents findings on his research on entrepreneurship in China and how this will impact upon the future global environment.  

Professor Scase was recently voted one of the Top Ten most influential people in Britain on personnel/human resource management issues by Personnel Today magazine, and he is a former winner of the prestigious European Business Speaker of the Year Award. He has addressed audiences at a huge variety of organisations all around the globe, including GE, Accenture, Motorola, CitiGroup, PricewaterhouseCoopers, BT, Unisys, BP, Hawlett Packard, IBM, the Department of Trade and Industry, BUPA, the National Audit Office, The Leadership Trust, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Royal Mail, the BBC, Trinity Mirror, The Cabinet Office, The Institute of Directors, AIG, Clifford Chance, Pepsico, Australian Institute of Directors, Nokia, TeliaSonera, Royal & Sun Alliance, Xerox, News International, MI5, and the European Management Institute. He has also spoken to various international trade bodies and governmental organisations at events all across the world.

Professor Scase tailors each talk to the specific audience and his talks work well in many environments and at all levels.

    Keynote Topics:


    • Change Management
    • Future of business
    • Global trends
    • Future of education
    • Leadership



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