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Day 1 SxSW Eco Cropped

Peter Ferris

Founder & Owner of Ferris Entertainment

Business and film maverick, Peter Ferris is the founder and owner of Ferris Entertainment. Peter has been in the film, TV and music industry for 30 years, and has taught and trained many famous names as his past pupils throughout that period.
His film “Ring of Peace” was the inspiration behind the international annual event.

Ferris Entertainment is a production company, which runs Screen Acting and Film Master Classes throughout the world, composes music for film and TV, while also being an Actors/Artists Agency. Furthermore, the company produces the 24 Hour Film Challenge for The Marbella International Film Festival and the “Inspirational World” competition for South By Southwest Eco Festival in Austin, Texas.

Peter is proud to be the co-founder and co-owner of the “Ring of Peace” which was filmed on its journey through 100 messengers and 40 countries around the world on smartphones and tablet – a film that has already received appraisals from former British Prime Minister, David Cameron. The event was so successful that it is now an annual event held internationally on the UN’s Day of Peace (21st September), and is growing rapidly around the world.

Peter is now regularly asked to speak on and host film panels at festivals such as South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, The Marbella International Film Festival, SxSW and SxSW Eco. He speaks about smartphone filmmaking and the future of filmmaking at new technology and entrepreneur events, such as “Inspiration” at the Royal Geographical Society and “Tech Entrepreneurs Week” in London.

During the Cannes Film Festival 2014, Peter was privileged to be invited to Screen his documentary “The Belfast Peace Line Project” which he was asked to direct and produce for Hollywood director David Lynch. At this screening, Peter launched the subscription section of Ferris Entertainment TV which is the first ever Smart Channel with all the content since 2012 being shot on either smartphone or tablet.

Peter is an adviser and visiting lecturer for Smartphone Filmmaking, New Technology and the Future of the Film Industry at the University of Arts London which consists of the 6 top creative Arts Universities in London, including St Martins College of Fashion and Chelsea College of Art and Design. All of this experience gives Peter the anecdotes and the knowledge to motivate and inspire people whatever their background or area of business.


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    • Don’t Give Up
    • The Survivor’s Guide to the Future of Filmmaking
    • Ring of Peace, the simple way to make the world a better place
    • Inspirational World
    • How the Smartphone Punk Filmmaking Ethos can inspire your employees, your company and your clients
    • Think outside the Box? I’ve never even seen the Box!
    • What Governments, Funding organisations and Investors really mean when you are ahead of the curve