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Pa Joof

Pa Joof

Business guru and entrepreneur,

Pa Joof is one of the most celebrated motivational speakers and leadership trainers in the world. His charismatic personality, natural confidence and intuitive understanding of business and leadership makes him extremely popular with his audiences.


From high-impact executive talks and sold out venues to community support for disadvantaged youth, Pa Joof means different things to different people – but whatever the label, Pa is a flash of inspiration, a spark that ignites action. An accomplished entrepreneur and multi-faceted business guru, Pa is an agent of positive change and one of the most beloved motivational speakers in the world. His innate ability to connect with people has allowed Pa to extend his influence as a world-class speaker, business trainer and coach.

Through his career Pa has touched the lives of over 200,000 individuals across 25 countries, helping businesses outperform and outcompete and generate business of several million pounds in less than six months. From Fortune 500 executives to celebrities and world-class speakers, Pa has coached and trained star performers on personal branding and business growth.

Pa Joof is a multi-talented and charismatic speaker and his knowledge and intuitive understanding of business strategy and psychological drivers form a robust framework for empowering individuals with the tools and the will to succeed.

Pa’s own extraordinary story spans two continents and connects the unlikeliest of places: a tiny country in West Africa and the United Kingdom. Born to illegal immigrants in the UK, Pa was sent back to his native Gambia with his family when he was just a child. Cramped in a single-bedroom lodging with thirty other family members for eight years, Pa knew that life would be difficult if he ever returned to the UK. But that is exactly what he did. At 17, Pa came back with his younger brother in tow, determined to carve a better life for himself and his family.  Failure was not an option, and Pa tackled and overcame each obstacle with single-minded resolution.

After graduating from University, Pa rose through the ranks in the corporate world, eventually holding the position as European Head of Banking for a Fortune 500 company, overseeing sales and corporate training initiatives in several other blue-chip companies, and being responsible for over $1 billion in assets. As an entrepreneur, Pa’s success can be matched by few. He launched and steered numerous businesses from scratch, transforming startups to multi-million dollar enterprises with a combination of technical knowledge and insight. Today Pa routinely lends his business acumen to leading companies from diverse industries, including market-leaders such as HSBC, Hilton, O2, Deloitte & Touche, Barclay’s, Connexions, Aviva, Foot Locker and United Bank of Africa.

Young, successful, and ready for a new challenge, Pa found his calling in inspiring people. As one of the most celebrated motivational speakers and leadership trainers in the world, his unique perspective and life lessons can move people to take action, face challenges head on, and get the odds of success in their favour.

    Keynote Topics:

    • Leadership

    Be the likeable leader everyone looks up to and turns to. Not because they have to, but because they want to. Motivate and inspire your people, whether in a professional, personal or social setting, to get the best results with no friction. Learn how to lead by example and set the tone from the top for peak performance.

    • Change management

    In a world that moves at a rapid pace, the organisations responsiveness to the ever changing economic climate and industry conditions is the differentiating factor between a business staying relevant and thriving or one that is struggling. When a company adapts and pre-empts effectively they will have an edge over competitors, can take advantage of opportunities, avoid looming hazards. These organisations will create enormous value for their stakeholders.

    • Communication

    Throughout history, the greatest leaders have always been exceptional orators. A speaker who knows how to captivate an audience, how to engage, inform and enthrall, will automatically get the point across. And an audience in the presence of a great speaker is comforted, and feels a sense of reassurance about the speaker’s wisdom and leadership qualities.

    Businesses and organizations realize that the ability to move an audience with the spoken word is an essential trait that must be cultivated. The same message delivered to the same audience in different styles may result in vastly different responses. A speaker who isn’t able to connect with the audience, or who appears distant or lacking in confidence will never be as effective as one who appears genuine, sincere and confident.

    • Teamwork

    Teambuilding has been an increasing focus for businesses across all industries. As technology dictates the workspace, team-members working on the same project may be doing so from opposite ends of the world. In this brave new world, coordination, synchronicity and timely correspondence are more important than ever before. That means, establishing protocols and procedures, and clearly communicating responsibilities and expectations take center stage.Pa helps businesses outshine competitors by helping them build championship teams that do more, do better and do faster.

    • Sales

    No matter the industry, business model or pricing strategy, the “Sales Explosion” workshop gives businesses a front-row seat to one of the most inspired thinkers in modern business. Peppered with anecdotes, the workshop empowers sales forces by offering access to state-of-the-art tools and techniques, taken from psychological cues as well as concrete sales models.

    • Personal and professional branding, customer responsiveness

    In this presentation Pa shows businesses how to package and market their offers for maximum impact. “Packaging” in this context refers to how a product, service or solution is presented to the market. It includes branding and marketing efforts, which in turn encompasses the style and tone of the brand or the individual, the identity and the business’s promotional efforts.

    Businesses benefit from Pa’s unique perspective, and get access to tips, tools and secrets to understand the pulse of their market. As a result, marketers are able to develop offers that are attuned to the needs of the market, and create customers that keep coming back for more.

    • Presentation skills

    Pa’s corporate training workshop on presentation skills is designed to help individuals approach a presentation with a sense of excitement and anticipation, rather than dread and anxiety. Pa’s easygoing style, coupled with modern, proven techniques arm workforces with the skills and knowledge to present in a way that elicits the desired response. Whether presenting internally to team-members, supervisors or managers, or pitching to a potential client, Pa helps refine the presenter’s flow, cadence, tone and style for increased clarity and audience-engagement.

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