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Monty Halls

Writer, Explorer and TV Presenter

A well known BBC presenter, Monty Halls is also an ex-Royal Marines Officer, broadcaster, explorer and writer. He worked for Nelson Mandela as part of the peace process in South Africa, and was awarded the Bish Medal for services in exploration. For more than twenty years, he has led international teams through some of the most demanding environments on Earth, and is thus an expert on performance, teambuilding and leadership.

Monty Halls is an explorer, television presenter, writer and public speaker. A former Royal Marines officer who worked for Nelson Mandela on the peace process in South Africa, he left the services in 1996 to pursue a career in leading expeditions. After achieving a First Class Honors degree in marine biology, Monty has circumnavigated the globe four times on different projects, leading multi-national teams through some of the most challenging environments known to man.

Noteworthy expeditions included an anti poaching project in the high altitude grasslands of the Nyika Plateau in northern Malawi, the discovery of a sunken city off the coast of Tamil Nadu in India, and a successful attempt to find and photograph a rare crocodile species in the mountain pools of the Raspaculo Basin in Central America. He was awarded the Bish Medal in 2002 by the Scientific Exploration Society for his services of exploration. Monty won Channel Four’s Superhuman competition in 2004, which kick-started his television career. Since then, he has presented series and documentaries for numerous channels, including The National Geographic Channel, the BBC, Channel Five, The Discovery Channel and the History Channel.

The three Great Escape Series for BBC2 saw Monty and his much loved dog Reuben living on the west coast of Scotland (2008), the Outer Hebrides (2009) and the west coast of Ireland (2010).  After Ireland, Monty went out to Australia to film the award winning “Great Barrier Reef” for the BBC’s Natural History Unit. Monty is patron to The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, The Shark Trust, Coral Cay Conservation, Help for Heroes, Shark & Coral Conservation, Go Commando, Dumfriesshire and Cumbrian Greyhound Rescue, and is an Honorary Ambassador to the Galapagos Conservation Trust. When Monty has extra time, he continues to run expeditions and diving trips in between speaking engagements and filming projects. In addition, he has written six books, mainly on diving and the marine environment as well as Beachcomber Cottage for the first Great Escape Series and Great Irish Escape for the third series. His latest book The Fisherman’s Apprentice documents his time in Cornwall with amazing photography.

Monty lives with his partner, Tamsyn, and daughter in Dartmouth, where they are running their new business that specialises in wildlife tours around the local area, training packages for corporate groups and natural history filming courses.

The newest ventures for Monty exploring ‘Lost Worlds’ includes running a diving project in Komodo, Indonesia, and leading a team along the coast of Natal, South Africa, following the magnificent iconic event in the marine global calendar that is The Sardine Run. Vast shoals of sardines mass along this stretch of coast creating a frenzy of feeding activity attracting whales, dolphins and sharks in their thousands.


    • Human Performance
    • Leadership
    • Team Dynamics
    • Operating in ever-changing environments
    • Maintaining the aim in the most demanding of circumstances
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