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Marianne Abib-Pech

Marianne Abib-Pech

Entrepreneur, business woman and leadership expert.

Winner of the Women’s Business Initiative International Ambition Award 2014, Marianne Abib-Pech is a prosperous writer and an outstanding young business woman. Her experience, entrepreneurial spirit and pure passion make her talks deeply inspirational.

Marianne Abib-Pech is a corporate high-flyer, a prosperous writer, and a dedicated entrepreneur. She has been described as the modern Renaissance Woman, embodying the concept of multi-dimensionality in business, with multiple areas of knowledge and the ability to inspire – or provoke – unconventional thinking.

She has spoken to audiences worldwide, for companies including Nissan Europe, Nationwide, Ernst and Young, Shell, The European Economic and Social Committee, London Business School and the Global Corporate Venturing Symposium.

She is the author of the Financial Times Guide ‘Leadership – How to lead effectively and get results’ (2013) which Tom Peters described as ‘solid gold’ and ‘leadership made transparent.’

After spending her formative years with Arthur Anderson and General Electric, she became the Global CFO of Shell Aviation at the age of 35, and, four years later, the European Head of Finance and Commercial of BHP Billiton Iron Ore. She left the corporate life at the end of 2011 to embark on a journey of reinvention, focussing on thought leadership and entrepreneurship, and she subsequently founded two successful start-up companies: LeadTheFuture, a ‘leadership lab,’ and Eastern Intelligence, a ‘boutique advisory firm’ specialising in the Energy Sector and operating in ‘bigh-barrier to entry’ countries like Iran, Russia and the former Soviet Republic, and China.

Given her background and interests, Marianne is seen as an unconventional forward-thinker, capable of challenging individuals and companies to different approaches to business – and more importantly to themselves.

She is also an active Angel Investor and serves on the board of numerous start-ups and investment funds.

    Marianne’s keynote topics include but are not limited to:

    • Transformation and Multidimensionality: Tackling the issues affecting our ever-changing global landscape. An insight on how to contextualise today’s world, provide a methodology to help individuals and organisations accept and embrace who they are, push their own boundaries to constantly adjust to the fast moving environment. The only way for both personal and business success.  
    • Cash: How to ensure your personal or business investment strategy adapts and develops taking into consideration a constantly changing and multidimensional investment landscape.  
    • New Frontiers: What does and doesn’t work when you are embarking on a business journey in ‘high-barrier to entry’ regions such as the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  
    • Women: How to build your strategy for success in a male dominated environment; and how to reconcile women and men in the workplace to truly embrace the concept of cognitive diversity to build sustainable business value.



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