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Ken Hughes

Consumer & Shopper Behaviouralist, CEO of Glacier Consulting

Voted Best Speaker at most of the conferences he has spoken at, global thought-leader Ken Hughes delivers thought-provoking and inspiring speeches in a highly energetic and captivating style, all with a generous helping of Irish wit.

Ken Hughes is Europe’s leading expert on shopper psychology, consumer behaviour, retail strategy, omnichannel & digital strategy, and shopper marketing. He founded Glacier Consulting as a market research agency, but soon realised that his main interest lay less with markets and more with people; and especially how humans express their desires and expectations of life through their purchases. This focus has resulted in his company advising some of the biggest brands in the world, including Unilever, 3M, IKEA, Coca-Cola, AXA, and Heineken, to name a few.

As a speaker, he draws on his extensive expertise in areas like consumer psychology, social anthropology, behavioural economics, and neuromarketing to answer the ultimate question: why do shoppers buy and how do we encourage them to buy more?

He is renowned as a talented and energetic speaker, who motivates audience and clients alike to unleash their creativity and innovation.

Ken is also a part-time professor in consumer behaviour, a TEDx speaker, as well as a board-member and strategic advisor on the future of consumerism and shopper trends to many organisations.


    The Digital Native Advance: A New Shopper DNA

    • A new shopper and consumer DNA is emerging, with a big change in how consumers born before or after the widespread usage of Google think.
    • If shopper and consumer blueprints have changed, impacting their fundamental behaviour, needs and requirements as shoppers, what does this mean for your business and how do you survive?
    • The new generation is less interested in buying material ‘things’ and more interested in buying experiences. How can you use your brands to live up to this expectations from the consumers?
    • How do we build conversations with our target market in the future?


    Positive Disruption: Experiential Retail

    • An inspiring session to challenge the norms of retailing.
    • Looks at the in-store moment and how to make it more experiential by engaging the shopper’s senses; using scent marketing, sound marketing, taste sampling, eye-catching displays, and utilising the possibilities presented by interactive displays, augmented reality, etc.
    • Presents ways to get better at engaging the customer in-store, triggering the customer’s interest, and utilising the golden moment where they either buy your product or not.
    • Inspires the audience to utilise the ‘experience’ and do more with that in-store moment by challenging the boundaries of how we define shopper interaction.


    We’re All a Little Bit Crazy: Harnessing Shopper Irrationality

    • This speech will open your eyes to how easy it is to influence people, and how, by understanding the psychology of decision-making, you can help shoppers make the right decision.
    • The speech blends behavioural economics, neuromarketing, and consumer psychology to show how shoppers think, behave, and make decisions.
    • It takes a humourous look at human irrationality, and elaborates on how concepts like herding, priming, and choice architecture can enhance sales.


    Shopper Marketing & Shopper Centricity

    • This speech looks at shopper centricity and why it is no longer a choice but a necessity.
    • How Shopper Marketing delivers a win/win situation that Category Management and Trade Marketing never did.
    • How to design strategic shopper marketing based on genuine shopper insight, compel purchase, and encourage higher consumption.
    • The speech also showcases the challenges and opportunities of Shopper Marketing, which pitfalls await organisations who prepare to switch their focus, and how to avoid these.


    Time Bending: How to Catalyse Creativity and Innovation

    • This speech is based on a critically acclaimed TEDx talk given by Ken in November 2014.
    • It showcases how routine and fear of failure cause organisations to play it safe, thus never reaching their full innovation potential.
    • Shows how playfulness and risk-taking are catalysts of personal and professional change and why we should encourage both in order to unlock innovation.
    • Is based on Ken’s own year-long experiment to try something new every day, a personal experiment that quickly spread to those around him, both in his personal life and his professional one.


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