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Jolanta Burke

Jolanta Burke

Positive psychologist, lecturer at UEL and visiting researcher at TCD.

Dr Jolanta Burke is a psychologist specialising in positive psychology. Her mission is to help people apply the concepts of her field to improve their lives, whether it be at work or at home.

Dr Jolanta Burke is a psychologist and researcher specialising in Positive Psychology. She is a senior lecturer and associate leader for Masters in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology at the University of East London, as well as a visiting lecturer at Trinity College Dublin Business School, where she regularly speaks at the MBA programme and delivers a module on Psychology of Management (Managing a thriving organisation) for Masters in Management, ranking the 3rd best degree in Europe.

The University of East London is the first university in Europe to teach positive psychology and Jolanta studied there herself before completing her PhD at Trinity. She has spoken at events in many European countries, US and Canada.

In her view, psychology should not just be a study about people but for people. Jolanta’s mission is to help people apply the best scientific discoveries in the field to their daily lives, whether it be at work, at school, in relationships, or any other aspect.

With this goal in mind, she has published dozens of articles in psychological and popular health magazines in Ireland and abroad, as well as contributing to the field of positive psychology by writing academic articles and book chapters. She has also hosted a weekly radio show informing listeners about the applications of positive psychology in their daily lives, during which she interviewed some of her academic colleagues and shared some of the most interesting and useful findings from the field. Jolanta has also appeared regularly on other radio shows, including Today FM, East Coast FM and RTE, and featured in articles published by such newspapers as Irish Times, Irish Independent and The Guardian. She has also written blogs for Niall Breslin’s A Lust For Life movement.

In 2015, the Irish Times acknowledged Jolanta as one of the Happy Crew, 30 people or organisations in Ireland who make Ireland a better and happier place.

Jolanta is an Irish representative of the European Network for Positive Psychology and a global representative of the International Positive Education Network. She has worked with organisations like Google, IBEC, Aware, Primerica, Coaching Institute of Ireland, Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, UCC, DIT, DTZ, Sherry FitzGerald, NCGE, and NUIG.

Jolanta is the author of “Happiness after 30: The paradox of aging” which is about the latest research on how our well-being increases as we get older. Her latest book “Flourishing employees: The psychology of people at their best” is coming out soon.

    Keynote Topics:

    • Well-being at work
    • Enhancing motivation and engagement in the workplace
    • The psychology of effective leadership
    • Positive Psychology: Top 5 life skills that can change your life
    • Applying Positive Psychology in…. (Business, education, therapy, careers, meditation – and whatever area you make work in)
    • Passion – how it can help or hinder our success


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