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Jamil Qureshi

Jamil Qureshi

Entrepreneur, performance & leadership psychologist, speaker.

Jamil Qureshi is a dynamic and thought-provoking entrepreneur who takes a practical approach to changing attitude in the workplace. His many years of working with top performers in sports and business have put him in a unique position to define ‘the difference that makes the difference’.

Jamil Qureshi is one of today’s foremost experts in performance psychology. In the sports world he has worked with 22 of the top 50 golfers in the world, including Colin Montgomerie, Graeme McDowell, Darren Clarke, Paul Casey, Thomas Bjorn, Sergio Garcia and Lee Westwood; he has also worked with football clubs, cricketers, Formula 1 racing drivers, fighter pilots and medical teams. In the business world Jamil has worked with numerous business leaders and companies all over the world, developing management and leadership programmes for companies such as Coca Cola, Hewlett Packard, Emirates Airlines, Serco, Orange, and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Jamil is a world-renowned speaker on performance psychology, leadership psychology, leadership attitude, employee engagement, cultural change techniques and improving people.

His knowledge of optimising human potential comes from his experience working with some of the top performers in both the sports world and the business world.

Jamil is also a co-founder and one fifth of the team at We Do Things Differently, a cultural change practice staffed by people who are not only successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople but also highly successful independently, as artists, performers, and writers. WDTD helps organisations implement ideas about leadership, engagement, innovation, big-picture thinking, and communication.

Jamil is a highly popular speaker. His versatile keynotes are fun, engaging and thought-provoking, and he never fails to captivate, inspire and entertain his audiences.

    Keynote Topics:

    • Turning Ambition into Achievement – How to make the difference – What are the key components of successful thinking – for our team members and ourselves.
    • Blame Looks Backwards, Responsibility Looks Forwards  – How to create ownership within our teams.
    • Engagement – Rhetoric or Reality – Understanding the true motivators in the work place.
    • Response Ability – Why the key ingredient of success is choice?
    • Complexity and Uncertainty, so what? – How focus and purpose can cut through circumstance.
    • The Disruptive Leader – How leaders can optimise opportunity by simply breaking habits.
    • Sustainable Relationships – Companies no longer compete against companies; networks compete against networks.
    • The Rogue Monkey – How to think creatively


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