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Gerald Ratner

Gerald Ratner

Businessman, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

Gerald Ratner is a businessman whose off-handed denigrating comment about the quality of his company’s products led to one of the most spectacular falls from grace of our time. He now shares his experiences turning disaster into success.

In the early 1990s, Gerald Ratner became a household name when he described a decanter set made by his company ‘total crap’ – causing the company to plummet by about £500 million. Though the comment was intended as humour, it had devastating and lasting consequences for Gerald and his company.

Having clawed his way back to the top, Gerald now talks with typical openness and wit about the rollercoaster journey, how he managed to pick himself up after that ‘gaffe’ and the valuable lessons about business and character he learned on the way.

Gerald is an amusing and engaging speaker and perfect for a variety of events; as a keynote speaker for a conference or company event, an anchor for a briefing about PR disasters and reputation management, an after-dinner speaker for a business gathering, a motivational speaker for entrepreneurs and business owners – or something else entirely!


    Keynote Topics:

    • Reputation management – when every member of staff is a brand ambassador
    • Disaster management – handling the effects of a toxic situation
    • Start-ups – and creative ways to get going when finance is hard to find
    • Internet and online business in a global market
    • Character – and the ability to bounce back from disasters


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