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Fraser Doherty

Entrepreneur and Founder of SuperJam

At age 14, Fraser Doherty started his own business, and has since proved an exceptional entrepreneur. Today, at age 26, Fraser has great success with his company and various endeavors, and he is able to share lessons related to his own journey in the field of entrepreneurship, branding and marketing. Fraser’s charisma and energy are infectious, and his talks are sure to inspire audiences.

Fraser Doherty, now aged 26, started SuperJam when he was 14 years old, using his Donegal-native grandmother’s jam recipes. After selling his produce at farmers’ markets and to delicatessens, he developed a method of producing jam from 100% fruit.

Fraser set up production, created a brand and perfected his recipes, and when Waitrose launched the range in March 2007, Fraser became the youngest ever supplier to a major supermarket chain. Today, SuperJam supplies over 2,000 supermarkets around the world (incl. Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda Wal-Mart, Morrisons, Waitrose) in countries including Ireland, Denmark, Finland, Russia and Australia.

SuperJam is exhibited as an ‘Iconic Scottish Brand’ in the National Museum of Scotland alongside Irn Bru, Tunnock’s and Baxters. Fraser’s success was further highlighted when he was awarded the title of ‘Global Student Entrepreneur of The Year’, the first ever winner from outside North America. This was one of over twenty awards that his company has received. Gordon Brown, the former UK Prime Minister, praised Fraser over dinner at Downing Street after hearing about his amazing story.

Fraser has released two books that have both become best sellers: In August 2010, The SuperJam Cookbook was launched, in which Fraser shares his jam-making secrets with the world. In April 2011, he launched SuperBusiness; a book about his story and everything he has learned.

The company invests in running ‘SuperJam Tea Parties’ for elderly people who live alone, in care homes or in sheltered housing. So far, SuperJam has hosted over 125 events across the UK, with live music, dancing and, of course, scones and SuperJam. Up to 600 guests attend each of these events, and they are growing in popularity every month.

In addition, Fraser has been `Entrepreneur in Residence’ at London Metropolitan University since 2010, regularly delivering lectures and speeches on entrepreneurship.


    Fraser’s most popular speech is “The Adventures of Jam Boy”, in which he shares the ups and downs of his incredible journey from his Gran’s kitchen to the supermarket shelves.  His story is funny, inspirational and relevant for anyone starting a business, creating a brand or trying to get others to believe in their ideas.

    As well as sharing his entrepreneurial story, Fraser has been invited to speak at conferences on the topics of Social Media, Generation Y, Young People, Entrepreneurship, Packaging Design, Branding, Marketing, the Food Industry and Corporate Social Responsibility.