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Christopher Barrat

Christopher Barrat

Author, speaker and consultant in management development skills.

Christopher Barrat is an established, dynamic, and well respected speaker, consultant, and author. His knowledge about management development skills is based on genuine experience in the real world. Christopher has facilitated at a range of major conference events and, most importantly, has received many repeat requests from companies.


Christopher Barrat is a dynamic and well respected speaker, consultant and author in management development skills, whose knowledge is based on real-world experience as a sales manager, business manager and purchasing director.

This background gives him both enormous credibility in his work and unique insight into ‘both sides of the table’ from a commercial perspective. He is a popular speaker at international events, and his business, speaking and development engagements have taken him all over Europe, Asia, Latin America, the United States of America, Auustralia and the Caribbean.

His speaking style is fun, informative and very engaging. He is dynamic and prepared to interact with his audience, taking questions and challenges live on stage. His keynotes have fantastic core content and lessons, but are always adapted for the client’s specific needs; and they can be delivered as keynotes or expanded into mini workshops where delegates can develop their own ideas with his expert guidance.

He is a regular writer for business magazines, as well as the author of ‘Mosaic Management’ and co-author of ‘Buying For Business,’ which was commissioned by the major US publisher John Wiley & Sons.

In 2015 he gave two TEDx talks – one in Vienna and one in San Francisco Bay – about networking and communications.

    Leadership skills

    • Are great leaders born or can you learn to be a great leader?
    • How can you lead effectively in Matrix organisations?
    • These are but two of a range of leadership Keynote topics that have engaged audiences in many different countries.
    • In addition the whole area of leadership and motivation is one that Christopher explores, looking at how to motivate people even in the dullest of jobs.

    Communication skills

    • Communication across boundaries and teams is one of the single biggest challenges that all organisations face.
    • Christopher has several keynotes in this important area that can explore what makes for successful communication.
    • This can be on a 1:1 basis where you can learn how to have more impact, how to be an effective networker or how to communicate your team goals to the wider organisation.
    • Cultural integration and how to manage groups in different locations are also popular topic.

    Commercial skills

    • With a unique insight into ‘both sides of the commercial table’ Christopher can help sellers understand buyers, and buyers understand sellers.
    • Many audiences value the chance to have real insights into how buyers think, how to pitch themselves and the practical pitfalls.
    • As with all the keynotes there are amusing and informative stories taken from real experience that make it come alive for all delegates.
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