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Andy Cope

Andy Cope

Happiness expert & learning junkie.

Andy Cope is a happiness expert who has spent the last ten years studying positive psychology. He has a passion for motivation and positive psychology and is trying to influence people to think differently.

Andy Cope is a qualified teacher, author, happiness expert and learning junkie; he has spent the last ten years studying positive psychology, happiness and flourishing, culminating in a PhD from Loughborough University. While his ‘Dr of Happiness’ title is cheesy, Andy appreciates that it affords him an important media platform. In times of rising depression and an epidemic of ‘busyness’ Andy believes there has never been a more appropriate time to raise the happiness agenda. His research feeds into the training course called ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ which has been delivered all over the world to rave reviews and has allowed him to work with such large businesses as Microsoft, DHL, Pirelli, Pfizer, Hewlett Packard, AstraZeneca and IKEA. He has also tailored his workshops to meet the needs of children and teachers, now delivering talks to audiences from the age of 8 and upwards.

Andy is also a best-selling author: he has written ‘The Art of Being Brilliant,’ ‘ Be Brilliant Every Day’ and ‘The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager,’ as well as a series aimed at teachers. He also moonlights as a children’s author – his book ‘Spy Dog’ won the Redhouse Children’s Book of the Year. Along with writing books, Andy has also appeared on radio and TV, and set up the 2%ers club, the UK’s only society for happy people.

Andy founded ‘Art of Brilliance’ in 2014 with the aim to blaze a new trail — a non-academic one, rooted in the real world, translating some of the highbrow academia into clear, simple messages that could make a massive and immediate impact on individuals and organisations.  

    Keynote Topics:

    • The art of being brilliant
    • Brilliant leadership
    • Brilliant strengths


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