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Andreea Wade

Founder of Askaton.com and Opening.io, Mentor and Lecturer

In spite of her young age, Andreea Wade is involved with numerous projects, and has reached major achievements. As a product person with a broad knowledge on many topics, Andreea knows something about everything and can talk on a wide variety of topics. What is consistent for Andreea is that she is passionate about helping companies build products.

Never the one to go idle, Andreea Wade started coding at the age of 15 and working as a journalist at 16. During her secondary school and college years, she was actively involved with the Student Council and debate team. Since then, she has worked in TV, radio and print media, founded a national music magazine, published in a short story book, organised concerts and outdoor festivals – including the creation of the largest festival of its genre in Eastern and Central Europe in 2013, involving 180 artists from 27 countries.

Inspired by the motto ”Start doing extraordinary things,” Andreea is the Head of Product Management in Independent News and Media and has a background in design, event organizing, advertising, marketing and product management in addition to coding and journalism. As well as being the founder of askaton.com – female friendly events focused on entrepreneurship – she is currently building opening.io – an employment matching intelligence startup. Furthermore, Andreea is an executive of Women in Technology and Science, an organiser for Startup Weekend Dublin, co-founder and organizer with Startup Hiking, mentor, speaker and lecturer on Digital Product Management in the Digital Skills Academy.

Andreea is currently supporting European Pioneers accelerator as Programme Manager based in Ireland – one of 16 programmes across Europe fostering innovative businesses on the basis of breakthrough FIWARE Future Internet technologies, giving away €50,000 – €250,000 of EU funding for no equity.


    • Product Management
    • Start-Ups
    • Recruitment Intelligence
    • Community
    • Marketing
    • User Onboarding
    • Product/Market Fit
    • Tech Start-Ups
    • Mentoring
    • Growth
    • Design
    • Smart Cities