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Alexandra Panayotou

Alexandra Panayotou

Executive and personal mentor, extreme athlete, and motivational speaker.

Alex Panayotou is a charismatic international motivational speaker, executive mentor, and ultra-endurance runner.

Alexandra Panayotou is a motivational speaker, executive and personal mentor, and extreme athlete. In her professional life, she has worked with top firms including Coca Cola, Telefonica, ManpowerGroup, IESE, and ESADE among others, helping them achieve their goals as companies, professionals, and individuals.

Apart from her professional life, Alex also has an extreme athletic career; though she running started late at age 30, she reached championship level very quickly. She came second in the 2004 Barcelona Marathon and won numerous races before turning to solo extreme distance running for charity. As an ultra-endurance runner, Alex has run several thousand kilometres, and she is one of only five women in the world who have run such distances and challenges. The 13 challenges she has entered and completed – as one of the few athletes to never abandon a challenge –  include the Ultra Pyrene (1000 kilometres in 12 days), Barcelona-Barcelona circling half of Spain (2010 kilometres in 31 days), several non-stop solitary runs, and most recently a 400 km almost non-stop race where she slept for only five and a half hours out of the 78 and a bit hours it took her to complete. Alex’s inspiring story and her physical and mental health are a testament to the fact that we are capable of so much more than we think, if only we dedicate ourselves to something and strive for excellence.

Her talks are inspirational and motivational, and they provide each member of the audience with take-aways in the form of clear tools and philosophies which can be put into practice in their professional or personal lives.

    Keynote Topics:

    • Personal Excellence
    • Interpersonal Excellence
    • Overcoming Obstacles
    • Dare to Dream
    • Leadership and Teamwork
    • Balanced Lifestyle
    • Rebranding Failure to Achieve Success
    • Going the Extra Mile
    • Executive Endurance
    • Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World



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