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Alan O'Neill

Alan O’Neill

Speaker, facilitator, business consultant.

International business consultant Alan O’Neill has over thirty years’ front-line board level experience. He uses his expertise to facilitate change and help companies face new global challenges.

With over 30 years of board-level experience, Alan does wonders to organisations on a global scale. As a lead consultant for Selfridges, he helped to transform a sleeping giant into one of the best retail stores in the world. It’s not just retail – speaker Alan O’Neill also worked successfully with a wide range of top global businesses in finance, FMCG, hospitality, IT, tourism and many more. His clients include Intel, Lufthansa, Mercedes and Vodafone. He can show any organisation how to change from top to bottom and supercharge sales efforts.

As a consultant, trainer and speaker Alan O’Neill is also an established mentor to many C-Level executives. Leaders enjoy Alan’s practical and down-to-earth style and they greatly benefit from his customer-centric approach. He also frequently writes for several publications, including an advice column for Sunday Independent – Ireland’s leading business newspaper. His book Premium is the New Black is a must-read for leaders and managers.

Audiences truly enjoy Alan’s keynotes because he asks the important questions. How will you overcome cynicism and resistance to change? Should you refresh your culture to prepare for emerging global challenges?  As an engaging and passionate speaker Alan O’Neill inspires the audience with thoughts and challenges which are guaranteed to drive the change. He never gives the same presentation twice – Alan can tailor his countless stories, case studies and models to the needs of any audience.

    Topics include variations on…

    Change Management


    • Future-proof Your Business – and stay relevant
    • What’s your Brand DNA? What will you be when you grow up?
    • Dare to Change



    High Performance Culture


    • Maximize Your People Productivity in 5 Steps o Culture and Values
    • Selfridges – High Performance Results in a High Performance Culture
    • Customer Service
    • How to develop an obsessive Customer Service Culture
    • Is Customer Service really important in a B2B environment?
    • In a digital world – does ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ really matter?
    • Going the Extra Mile is a Waste of Time
    • Customerise Your Business
    • Disney – the business behind the magic
    • Super Service Made Simple
    • Selfridges – From Good to Great
    • Driving Sales through Great Service… a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing



    Selling Premium Products and Services  


    Retail Thinking


    • Convert Our Customers to Cash
    • The Art of Retail Thinking – Retailers are at the coal-face and know how to turn on a sixpence – how can we have a bit of that?
    • Driving Sales with Retail-inspired Strategies
    • Supercharge your Business with Retail Thinking
    • Secrets of Success from the Giants of Retail
    • deBijenkorf – best in Netherlands, but not there yet!
    • The Selfridges Story – the Best Dept Store in the World



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