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Alan O'Neill

Alan O’Neill

Speaker, facilitator, business consultant.

International business consultant Alan O’Neill has over thirty years’ front-line board level experience. He uses his expertise to facilitate change and help companies face new global challenges.

With unrivalled business acumen, Alan O’Neill is a popular speaker at events and conferences all over Europe and the Middle East. He asks the hard questions: How do you change an old culture to make it ready for emerging global challenges? How do you overcome cynicism and resistance to change? How do you overcome complacency and procrastination? How do you develop a customer service culture? And with every engagement, he takes the time to understand the brief and the challenges, tailoring his approach to his audience.

Energetic, passionate, and engaging, he captures any audience and leaves them with thoughts and challenges what will provoke, inspire and give hope.

With over thirty years’ experience in the world of business, Alan is ready with no-nonsense expertise and advice. He has helped multi-million Euro businesses achieve great results and knows what it takes to facilitate change throughout a business – from top to bottom!

His retail experience ranges widely: from food to fashion, from luxury to mass, from big box to multiple site, etc – and he has worked throughout Europe, Russia, and the Middle East.

Through his career, Alan has identified key characteristics of the greatest retailers; he understands the importance of total focus on the customer, of a brisk pace, of balancing sophistication and practicality, and using science, the senses, and theatre to entertain, capture, and sell. All of this is made possible with a strong business model.

And his expertise is not limited to retail. With his experience in B2B, Alan has worked with international giants like Chevron, Intel, Kizad, Lavazza, Lufthansa, Moet Hennessy, Nissan, Symantec, Vodafone, Xerox, etc, where he has brought discipline, rigour and common sense to change projects.  

Alan is also a trusted mentor to many chief executives and board directors who seek his advice on various issues.

Alan is known and appreciated for his ability to simplify complex issues, for being down-to-earth, approachable, and practical, as well as for his commercial focus that brings everything back to the customer.

Whether the issue is one of vision, strategy, structure, leadership or customer service, Alan has stories, models, and real-life case studies to illuminate and solve the problem.

    Topics include variations on…

    Change Management


    • Future-proof Your Business – and stay relevant
    • What’s your Brand DNA? What will you be when you grow up?
    • Dare to Change



    High Performance Culture


    • Maximize Your People Productivity in 5 Steps o Culture and Values
    • Selfridges – High Performance Results in a High Performance Culture
    • Customer Service
    • How to develop an obsessive Customer Service Culture
    • Is Customer Service really important in a B2B environment?
    • In a digital world – does ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ really matter?
    • Going the Extra Mile is a Waste of Time
    • Customerise Your Business
    • Disney – the business behind the magic
    • Super Service Made Simple
    • Selfridges – From Good to Great
    • Driving Sales through Great Service… a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing



    Selling Premium Products and Services  


    Retail Thinking


    • Convert Our Customers to Cash
    • The Art of Retail Thinking – Retailers are at the coal-face and know how to turn on a sixpence – how can we have a bit of that?
    • Driving Sales with Retail-inspired Strategies
    • Supercharge your Business with Retail Thinking
    • Secrets of Success from the Giants of Retail
    • deBijenkorf – best in Netherlands, but not there yet!
    • The Selfridges Story – the Best Dept Store in the World



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