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Keynote & Guest Speakers - Athenas Ireland

Speakers and Keynotes

Our clients say

"Great help when Orginal speaker was not available. You provided relevant and suitable options that fitted our brief and theme."

Jo Scanlon, BOX

"Attentive, communication was swift and clear."

Judith Van Dommelen, Hogeschool Leiden

"I found Athenas Ireland very positive to work with and were very flexible and prepared to negotiate with us to ensure that we were happy with the costings and arrangements."

David Burgess, Education and Children's Services - Fife Local Authority

Fast reply on all requests

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 Here you will find speakers & keynotes for any occasion

Athenas Ireland is a part of Athenas Speakers Bureaus. Athenas is one of Europe’s largest speakers bureaus and has expanding offices in Norway, Sweden and Germany. Athenas Ireland represents a list of local professional and popular keynote speakers.


We work hard to ensure you the lowest prices, the fastest response and the best service.  We are ready to answer your call or email and happy to contact any of our speakers for you. We strive to facilitate a constructive dialogue between event organisers and keynote speakers in order to help create the best and most relevant keynote.


  • Keynotes on business, marketing, IT, and management
  • Keynotes on communication and conflict management
  • Keynotes on motivation, change, and well-being
  • Keynotes on health, nutrition & quality of life
Keynote & Guest Speakers - Athenas Ireland
Keynote & Guest Speakers - Athenas Ireland

Keynote speakers for conferences, seminars and other events

Athenas Ireland works with a diverse selection of clients and has experience with small as well as big companies, local organisations, schools, libraries and other types of event organisers.


We offer keynotes and speakers in all price ranges. Athenas Ireland is able to facilitate communication between you and the speaker, whether it concerns a large event, conference, staff meeting, keynote for the young or elderly or a debate.


In addition to keynotes, we often help arrange workshops, long-term courses and seminars. This could be with reference to, for example, leadership improvement, employee development, or stress management at the workplace.


You can find inspiration on our website by browsing either our topics or speakers or you can use the search function to find what you need. You will also find a variety of tools and guides in our the section entitled Inspiration.


Keynote & Guest Speakers

At Athenas Ireland we work professionally to arrange speakers and guest appearances. We help develop successful programmes for events in Ireland. We work directly with local speakers and have experience with all types of events and keynotes. We aim to give you the best feedback and guidance for selecting speakers for your specific type of event.


  • Fast reply on all requests
  • Speakers in all price ranges and topic areas
  • Professional advice on selecting the best keynote speakers



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